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Hey There!

About Me Photo 2017.jpg

I'm Katrina!

I genuinly enjoy making people happy, and have had the privledge of running my little photography business, and doing just that for over 10 years now!

I really do love people, and capturing the unique stories of who they are, and what life feels at this moment in time is an honor to me.  

I was blessed to have grow up on Anna Maria Island, and returned home 5 years ago to raise my daughter on the same little island that I called home.

We currently share a mutual love for sunshine, ice cream, rock climbing, and skateboarding, but can also be found gardening, traveling, when possible, or chasing music,  or adventuring of any kind,

I am so excited for the possibility of working together, and really look forward to hearing from you!

Until then,

Enjoy your days!

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